• VTech - Care and Learn Teddy

VTech - Care and Learn Teddy

$ 59.95

  • Three detachable play pieces include a stethoscope, ear thermometer and bandage
  • Press buttons on the hands, feet and ears teach a variety of body parts and their functions
  • Playful phrases help provide an imaginative, role-play environment
  • Variety of textures provide tactile stimulation
  • On/off button for quieter play

Hello, Teddy, it's time for a check-up! Teddy is a great patient and is ready for you to help him feel better. Toddlers can use the stethoscope and touch the hot spot on Teddy's heart to hear playful sounds and phrases. The ear thermometer will check to make sure that Teddy isn't running a fever, while the bandage can be used on his arms or legs to help heal any boo-boos. Press the hands, ear, and foot of this electronic learning friend to identify body parts and to hear playful phrases related to each body part. Ages 18 months to 3 years. 

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